The "Taichung Fengjia Madrid exquisite rented suites neighboring Feng Chia University, Feng Chia district, downstairs and walk a few minutes to reach the Feng Chia Night Market, the surrounding traffic bus routes Fonda convenient, easy to ride public transportation at anyyour purpose, the use of the hotel complex 24-hour manned processing and monitoring systems, without having to worry about out of the security issues such as good function for a living, commuting convenience, security privacy of rented space.


Provide Taichung, Feng Chia regional and long-term, high-quality suite Taichung ~ Feng Chia Madrid exquisite accommodation suites have a number of characteristics of both style suites, whether it is the blue ocean, pink romantic, can meet your accommodation requirements and equipped with modern equipment, comfortable sleep all convenience of your travel life, enjoy really close to your heart's high-quality travel life.



By Car Recommendations

1 State Road → Taichung Interchange → Chungkang → Henan turn left (towards Taichung direction) → Tun Road, turn left → the first traffic lights turn left into the nan sub Lane → temple and turn right → Go straight about 3 km foot → to reach the "Feng Chia Madrid"

Public transportation Recommendations

★ Taichung Railway Station: Union Friends of passenger ride 22,25,45,125 bus, get off Dingnan sub-station.

★ toward the horse transfer station: 37 bus ride Renyou passenger Dingnan sub-station to get off.

Ubus 79 city bus ride get off at Fuxing parking.